Is your car battered by hail damage? Are you looking for expert hail dent repair? Whether you’re an individual seeking to restore your vehicle’s luster or an insurance company searching for a trusted partner, Action Smart Group is here to provide top-notch hail damage repair and paintless dent removal services.

At Action Smart Group, we understand the frustration that hail damage can bring to vehicle owners and insurers alike. Our mission is to be the go-to solution for hail dent repairs, offering expertise and reliability that sets us apart from the rest.

Let’s discuss more about hail damage repair and how we can help you get your vehicle back in pristine condition.

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Hail Damage Repairer That You Can Trust

Action Smart Group is a well-established company with a long-standing reputation as a market-leading hail repair specialist. We’re Australian-owned and managed, and we take pride in our innovative approach to repair solutions. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our investment in an end-to-end repair management system, which ensures that our customers receive exemplary service throughout every interaction.

Our expert team excels in paintless dent repair (PDR) for highly effective hail dent removal and paintless dent removal. Unlike traditional methods involving sanding, filling, and painting, PDR is non-invasive, preserving your car’s factory finish, ensuring seamless repairs, and maintaining your vehicle’s value. We also provide combination repairs for more extensive hail damage, tailoring our services to your needs.

For Individuals That Need Hail Dent Repairs

If you’re an individual with a hail-damaged vehicle, we understand your concern. Hail damage can be frustrating, but Action Smart Group is here to provide a solution that meets your needs. Our expertise in hail dent repair ensures that your vehicle is restored to its original condition, leaving you with a car that looks as good as new.

For Insurance Companies

Insurance companies, we’re your trusted partner when it comes to handling hail damage claims. Our commitment to excellence and our innovative approach to hail dent removal and hail damage repair make us the ideal choice for insurers looking to provide top-tier services to their clients.

Our end-to-end claim management offers a seamless process, fair pricing based on damage severity, and effective cost control for hail damage. We provide a single point of contact for efficient communication and a hassle-free experience. Contact us now to collaborate with your insurance company for exceptional hail damage repair services.

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How We Remove Hail Dents From Your Car?

When it comes to hail dent removal and car hail damage repair, we employ various methods to ensure your car looks its best again. Let’s explore two key techniques that we use:

Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a highly effective technique for addressing hail damage. This method involves the gentle removal of dents without the need for paint or body fillers. Our skilled technicians use specialized tools to massage the dents back to their original shape, preserving your car’s factory finish.

Combination Repairs

In some cases, hail damage may be more extensive, requiring a combination of repair techniques. Our team is well-equipped to handle such scenarios, ensuring that your vehicle is restored to its pre-hail condition. We are unique in our ability to handle both standard dents and hail damage with precision, skill, and patience.

Why Choose Action Smart Group?

Action Smart Group stands out in the realm of commercial storm management for several reasons:

  • End-to-End Claim Management: At Action Smart Group, we take pride in our ability to handle every aspect of your hail damage claim, from its inception to its final resolution. Our commitment to providing an end-to-end service ensures a seamless experience for our customers. We’re there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire process.
  • Consistent Pricing: Transparency and fairness are at the core of our insurance repair pricing structure. No matter the severity of the hail damage, you can trust that our pricing remains consistent. This commitment to equitable pricing means you always know what to expect, eliminating any surprises and giving you peace of mind.
  • Management of Business-As-Usual Impact: We fully understand the disruptions that hail damage can cause to your day-to-day operations. That’s why we work diligently to minimize cost blowouts and ensure that the impact on your regular business activities is kept to a minimum. Our goal is to make the recovery process as smooth as possible for you.
  • Proven Model: Our car hail damage repair model has been rigorously tested and proven effective. It’s a model that works for various scenarios, from small regional volumes of damage to major metropolitan events. This adaptability and effectiveness make us a trusted partner in the commercial storm management field.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your experience is of paramount importance to us. We take a customer-centric approach by providing you with a a reliable call centre service to manage your claim efficiently. This personalized touch ensures that your specific needs and concerns are addressed promptly and professionally.
  • One-Stop Shop: We believe in simplifying the process for our customers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive, one-stop solution, handling everything from the initial claim allocation, transport,  to the invoiced completion of repairs. This approach means you can rely on us to take care of the entire journey, making it a hassle-free experience for you.

Our quality assurance program is applied from the moment you drop off your vehicle to the final delivery. We conduct comprehensive checks and sign-offs throughout the process to ensure consistent, high-quality outcomes.

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How Does It Work?

The Quality Assurance Program is ap- plied from drop off to delivery and in- volves comprehensive checks and sign off throughout the process to ensure consistent, high quality outcomes. Let's take a closer look at how our hail damage repair process works:

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Contact Us: The process begins when you reach out to us. Action Smart Group’s Customer Support is at your service, ready to assist you. We’ll initiate the process by contacting you to arrange a suitable time for a damage estimate to be completed. This initial contact marks the first step in your journey to getting your vehicle back in its pre-damaged condition.

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Damage Estimate: Once we’ve scheduled a convenient time for you, our team of experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle to assess the extent of the hail damage. After this evaluation, we meticulously prepare a quote detailing the necessary repairs, along with images that vividly illustrate the damage. This comprehensive documentation is then forwarded to your insurance company for their assessment.

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Insurer Approval: Your insurance provider plays a pivotal role in the process. They will carefully review our assessment, images, and repair quote. After their assessment, they will authorize your claim if the damage is covered by your policy. Once your insurer gives the green light, Action Smart Group’s Claims Management team will promptly get in touch with you. They’ll explain the next steps in detail and work with you to schedule the repairs, ensuring everything moves forward smoothly.

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Quality Assurance: The final step in the process for hail damage car repair is all about ensuring that the process is of the highest quality. After the skilled technicians at Action Smart Group have completed the necessary repairs to your vehicle, it goes through an extensive interior and exterior Quality Assurance Inspection.

Every detail is carefully scrutinized to make certain that the repairs meet the most stringent quality standards. Not only is the functionality of your car checked, but also its aesthetics. This quality assurance process ensures that your vehicle is not only restored to its pre-damaged state but often surpasses those standards.

Moreover, the vehicle undergoes a meticulous detailing process, giving it that showroom shine. The result is a vehicle that not only looks great but is also in peak working condition, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hail Damage Repair

Have questions about hail damage repair? We’ve got answers.

How does hail damage cars?

Hailstones can leave a pock-marked blanket of dents and dimples on car hoods, tops, and boots. Dislodged side mirrors or stuck doors could also be caused by hail damage. In some instances, smashed windshields, mirrors, or windows may expose the inside of your car to water damage. The size of hailstones can vary, and the severity of damage depends on factors like the size and velocity of the hail. We can fix hail damaged car, just send us details, and we’ll repair your vehicle in no time. 

Can I Fix Hail Damage Myself?

Can you fix hail damage car yourself? Repairing hail damage on your own is possible, but it’s a task that can be quite challenging, depending on the extent of the damage, your level of experience, and the tools at your disposal. Hail damage repair typically involves intricate work to restore the vehicle’s exterior, which often includes repairing dents and restoring the paint finish.

It’s advisable to seek professional help, as they have the expertise and specialized equipment needed to ensure a high-quality repair job. Attempting to fix hail damage without the necessary experience and tools can lead to subpar results, potentially diminishing the value and appearance of your vehicle.

Does Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

The coverage of hail damage repair by insurance can vary depending on your specific policy. In most cases, it boils down to the type of coverage you have. Collision coverage is designed to cover damage resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object, and it typically does not cover hail damage repair. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage is intended to cover damage caused by non-collision events, including natural disasters like hailstorms, fires, and more. So, if you have comprehensive coverage, it’s likely that your hail damage repairs will be covered.

One key consideration, regardless of your insurance type, is your deductible. Depending on the severity of the hail damage and your deductible amount, it might be more cost-effective to pay for the repairs out of pocket. It’s important to review your insurance policy and consult with your insurer to understand the extent of coverage and make an informed decision about how to proceed with hail damage repairs.

What should I do to prepare my car for a quote or repairs?

To prepare your car for a hail damage repair quote or the repair process itself, it’s essential to follow a few key steps. First, ensure your vehicle is clean and free of dirt or debris, as a spotless surface allows for a more precise assessment of the hail damage. Opt for a car wash without wax to prevent reflections that could obscure dents.

Take clear photographs of the damage from various angles to provide a visual reference for both you and the repair professionals. Keep your insurance information readily available, including your policy number, as it may be needed during the quoting process. Lastly, it’s a good practice to remove any personal belongings from your car to avoid potential damage or loss during repairs.

By taking these measures, you can ensure a smooth and accurate assessment of the damage, paving the way for effective hail damage repair.

Contact Us Now for a hail damage assessment or to schedule your repairs with Action Smart Group. We’re here to make your hail damage worries a thing of the past.


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Need Help?

Please contact us if there is anything else you would like to know.

  • Who is Action Smart Group?

    Action Smart Group are an Australian Owned and Managed Company. We have proudly established a reputation among Insurance Partners and Competitors as market leading Hail Repair Specialists!

    Our Vision “To be the Industry Leader and First Choice for an End to End Hail Repair Solution”

    We are a functional, cohesive and resourceful business. Thinking laterally, we provide innovative repair solutions to our customers and Insurance partners. We operate with the core principles of being reliable, integral and providing consistent technical excellence is at front of mind. Action Smart Group have evolved our processes and procedures to guarantee assurance and unrivaled quality to our repair process.

    We have developed an extensive network of Industry leading, highly qualified and respected repair specialists, who are partnered with a professional management and flexible support team. This provides us with the ability to manage catastrophic, large scale hail events along with smaller storms in remote locations. We have the capability to respond in peak periods and offer a seamless end to end repair process that sets us apart from our competitors also enhancing our customers experience through expedient claim completion.

  • What is PDR?

    PDR, or paintless dent repair, is a method of repair used to repair dents without need for fillers or paintwork.

    The process uses a variety of specialised tools that manipulate metal or aluminum back to its original form.

    This significantly reduces the repair times in comparison to traditional smash repair methods, ensuring vehicles are off the road for a fraction of the time.

  • What are the benefits of PDR?

    1. Less invasive repair compared to traditional repair methods.
    2. Retains the original panels and the original paint.
    3. Faster repair time (up to 5 days) and hence less time off the road.
    4. Environmentally friendly repairs.

  • What are combination repairs?

    Where PDR is not a viable repair option due to the severity of damage, the panel will be repaired with a ‘combination’ of repairs and paint, or panel replacement. Action Smart Group have the resources and facilities to provide “Combination Repairs” as part of our end-to-end solution.

  • How long will my vehicle be off the road?

    This will depend on the extent of damage and method of repair, as well as parts availability.

    As a guide, PDR can take up to 5 days, small combination repairs may take approximately 10 days, and more severe combination repairs with multiple panel repair/replacements may take up to 4 weeks. *

    To streamline the process, we check parts availability before scheduling your vehicle for repairs. However, as we are relying on third party suppliers, there can be unforeseen delays out of our control. We will communicate this with you and discuss how it will affect your repairs.

    The benefit to our customers is that repairs are uninterrupted, and completely managed by us in-house, achieving consistent quality.

    All repairs completed by Action Smart Group will be provided with a lifetime warranty on the repairs.**

    *Pending parts availability from suppliers
    **Whilst the vehicle is in your possession