Important Customer Information

Prior to Checking in your vehicle:

  • Please ensure you have removed your personal possessions from the cabin and boot/cargo area of the vehicle including baby seats, e-toll devices and other things that could become lost or damaged, or slow down the repair process. We are unable to professionally refit baby seats so please ensure these are not inside the vehicle at drop off.
  • Its really important that your vehicle arrives clean inside and out for the safety of our staff and for optimal repair results. It will be returned to you washed and vacuumed.
  • If you have roof racks, please remember to bring the keys with you and leave them with us.

We will take digital images of your vehicle upon checking in to provide assurance of its pre repair condition and mileage etc.

Excess or Contributions

Your insurance excess is payable upon collection of your vehicle.  We accept cash but prefer eftpos or credit where possible (excluding Diners Club and American Express).

On occasion your insurer may ask you to contribute toward the cost of repair (for example, if there is pre existing damage on the car unrelated to hail).  If this occurs at the direction of your insurance company this is also payable upon collection of your vehicle.

Possible causes of repair delay

Its in our interest and yours to get your vehicle back to you on time but on occasion things don’t go according to plan.

  • Parts

We endeavour to have your parts on site in advance of your booking repair date.  Sometimes your repairs may require additional parts and part procurement can cause delay.  If the parts in question don’t affect the safe operation of your vehicle we can fit these at a later stage, once they are received. This will ensure you are back on the road faster.

  • Change of Repair Method

Sometimes it is necessary to change the repair method from what was originally identified.  For example, we may have quoted to repair a panel, when on further inspection replacement is the most suitable method. This is at our discretion but at all times our interest is in making sure that the quality of repairs are not compromised.


We take images of your speedo to provide confidence that the only time your vehicle will be driven will be to move the vehicle to undertake the necessary repairs.  We may need to transport your vehicle to one of our alternate repair sites using our own fleet of car carriers which are fully insured.  Should we need to transport your vehicle we will communicate with you accordingly.


When vehicles are not being driven their batteries can lose charge.  We find this is more prevalent with larger repairs and colder weather.  We take every precaution to prevent this occurring but accept no liability for this consequential loss.


We follow state and federal guidelines with regard to Covid Safety.  We have an interest in protecting you and our staff from transmission of the virus and ask that you do not attend our site if you are symptomatic, tested positive, serving a quarantine period or have been in close contact with anyone who has the Covid virus.


It is implicit in the provision of your vehicle to us for repairs that you acknowledge and accept the content of these terms.

Contact Us

Please contact us with general inquiries via the website or alternatively contact us on 1800 063 368 toll free.

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Claim is allocated to ASG

Depending on the size of the event the assessment strategy your insurer employs to manage the storm, will determine whether ASG contacts you directly or if your assessment is booked by your insurer.

If you are unsure, please contact your insurance provider to ascertain how the assessments will occur, or contact one of our professional team members who will be in a position to provide you with the relevant information – PH; 1800 063 368.

Vehicle assessed

Once we have completed an assessment on your vehicle, the quote and digital images will be submitted to your insurer for their review and we will provide you with a book in date for your repairs to be undertaken.

Repairs Commence

Once you drop your vehicle off for the repairs to commence, we allocate your vehicle to a technician, who undertakes the repairs to your vehicle. The scope of work required to your vehicle determines how long the duration of the repairs will generally take.

Repair Time Guides

PDR: (Paintless Dent Repairs) – between 3-5 working days;

PDR simply describes the method of removing dents from the body of a motor vehicle. Our technicians complete this by massaging the underside of the panel to remove the dent and returning the metal to its original form.

Combination repairs: between 7-10 working days;

A combination repair means that we intend on repairing your vehicle utilising the PDR method, although we have also identified that either there is cracked paint or some of the dents on your vehicle are too sharp and therefore are not suitable for PDR. In these instances some painting is required to reinstate your vehicle to a pre-event condition.

Repairs Completed

Once your repairs have been completed, your vehicle undergoes the refitting process, a Quality Assessment is carried out to ensure all required repairs have been completed, all replacement parts have been fitted and a complementary wash and vac occurs in preparation for you to collect your vehicle.

We provide you with a lifetime warranty on your repairs – as long as you own the vehicle.

Excess payments may be made by Eftpos or electronic transfer.

Need Help?

Please contact us if there is anything else you would like to know.

  • Who is Action Smart Group?

    Action Smart Group are an Australian Owned and Managed Company. We have proudly established a reputation among Insurance Partners and Competitors as market leading Hail Repair Specialists!

    Our Vision “To be the Industry Leader and First Choice for an End to End Hail Repair Solution”

    We are a functional, cohesive and resourceful business. Thinking laterally, we provide innovative repair solutions to our customers and Insurance partners. We operate with the core principles of being reliable, integral and providing consistent technical excellence is at front of mind. Action Smart Group have evolved our processes and procedures to guarantee assurance and unrivaled quality to our repair process.

    We have developed an extensive network of Industry leading, highly qualified and respected repair specialists, who are partnered with a professional management and flexible support team. This provides us with the ability to manage catastrophic, large scale hail events along with smaller storms in remote locations. We have the capability to respond in peak periods and offer a seamless end to end repair process that sets us apart from our competitors also enhancing our customers experience through expedient claim completion.

  • What is PDR?

    PDR, or paintless dent repair, is a method of repair used to repair dents without need for fillers or paintwork.

    The process uses a variety of specialised tools that manipulate metal or aluminum back to its original form.

    This significantly reduces the repair times in comparison to traditional smash repair methods, ensuring vehicles are off the road for a fraction of the time.

  • What are the benefits of PDR?

    1. Less invasive repair compared to traditional repair methods.
    2. Retains the original panels and the original paint.
    3. Faster repair time (up to 5 days) and hence less time off the road.
    4. Environmentally friendly repairs.

  • What are combination repairs?

    Where PDR is not a viable repair option due to the severity of damage, the panel will be repaired with a ‘combination’ of repairs and paint, or panel replacement. Action Smart Group have the resources and facilities to provide “Combination Repairs” as part of our end-to-end solution.

  • How long will my vehicle be off the road?

    This will depend on the extent of damage and method of repair, as well as parts availability.

    As a guide, PDR can take up to 5 days, small combination repairs may take approximately 10 days, and more severe combination repairs with multiple panel repair/replacements may take up to 4 weeks. *

    To streamline the process, we check parts availability before scheduling your vehicle for repairs. However, as we are relying on third party suppliers, there can be unforeseen delays out of our control. We will communicate this with you and discuss how it will affect your repairs.

    The benefit to our customers is that repairs are uninterrupted, and completely managed by us in-house, achieving consistent quality.

    All repairs completed by Action Smart Group will be provided with a lifetime warranty on the repairs.**

    *Pending parts availability from suppliers
    **Whilst the vehicle is in your possession